Upcoming Services and Programs

November 26

9:30 am: Leader: Cindy Guentert

Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Exchange: Halloween is a time of fun and excitement for many of us. The candy, the scary movies, the costumes. But while most Halloween costumes are harmless, many are forms of cultural appropriation. What IS cultural appropriation? Moving from appropriating to learning, appreciating and respecting other cultures is a necessary step in working against oppression rather than perpetuating it.

11:00 am:  “Sweet Fields of Autumn” Traditional Service with Rev Christian Schmidt and Sunday Service Assistant Catherine Joseph. As the seasons turn, we give thanks for the abundance around us and for the chance to gather together. After a trying fall, we look forward to things to come!


December 3

9:30am: Leaders: Sylvia Jones and Linda Dietiker-Yolo

Session Three: TBD

11:00am: “Trans People and the Cornerstones of Unitarian Universalism” Traditional service with Tricia Lewis and Sunday Services Assistant Anne Jungerman. To mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed on November 20th of each year, Tricia Lewis will present a sermon by Grace Alden, a member of the UU Congregation of the Upper Valley in New Hampshire. In this sermon written for a congregation which was considering calling a trans minister, Grace explores how our seven principles relate to the transgender experience and our understanding of one another as individuals.