Upcoming Services


April 23

9:30 am: “Revisiting an Old Story” Presentation and discussion with Jim Craig.

11:00 am “Revisiting an Old Story” Traditional service with Jim Craig and Sunday Service Assistant, Mary Lu Kennelly. Jim Craig will suggest that even though we do not take Jesus’ resurrection literally, there is considerable value in the story of Jesus’ life and death.


April 30

9:30 am: “Silence and Shame” Presentation and discussion with Tricia Lewis

11:00 am “Silence and Shame” Traditional service with Tricia Lewis, and Sunday Service Assistant Anne Jungerman. Every woman has a story to tell… her personal experience of violence or sexual harassment. Our society and others around the world perpetuate the problem with a system of norms, which is sometimes referred to as “rape culture.” Hear insights from the International Convocation of UU Women on what we can do to break the cycle. Trigger warning: This sermon will contain material that may be difficult for sensitive listeners.