Upcoming Services and Programs

February 25

9:30am: Leader: Cindy Guentert-Baldo

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Radical Every MLK Day the same quotes about love driving out hate get passed around to celebrate a man who was considered an extremist by the majority of white America in his time. This Black History Month we will explore the more “radical” ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and discuss how he might feel about the US in 2018.


11:00am: “Who Am I?” Traditional Service with Rev Christian Schmidt and Sunday Service, Jeff Leles. Our identities, complex and multi-faceted, affect the way we see the world, how we are treated, and what matters most to us. The first step to forming deep, meaningful, diverse religious community is owning our own personal identities and acknowledging what that means for us, then beginning to understand others’ identities.


March 4


Leaders: Sylvia Weaver Jones and Linda Dietiker-Yolo

Goddesses Around The World: Part 1 Class participants will take turns presenting information about the goddess each has chosen for discussion, including Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy; Frikka, Norse goddess and consort of Thor; Lilith, Adam’s first wife; Astarte, long-reigning Middle East goddess demonized in the Old Testament; and many more. We continue our discussion of Goddess attributes missing from later and current religions.


11:00am: “The Only Problem We Have” Traditional service with Rev. Catherine Cox and Sunday Service Assistant, Catherine Joseph. The only problem we have is how to approach problems. Is there a way to meet both our internal distress and our upset with others that will maximize both our effectiveness and calm sense of empowerment leading to peace of mind and solutions that benefit everyone? Yes there is.  Let’s explore the spiritual practices that take us there.


March 11

9:30am: Leader: Catherine Joseph and Margaret Kelso

U&U Social Reformers: In the late 19th century, Unitarians and Universalists focused on “deeds not creeds.” Unitarians tended to be educated, social justice leaders and Universalists tended to be especially devoted to personal service. Causes were not the same for all U’s and U’s, but they sometimes included: abolitionism, public health and sanitation, public education, settlement houses, prison reform, women’s suffrage, temperance, workers’ rights.


11:00am: “How Do We Find Balance?” Traditional service with Rev. Christian Schmidt and Sunday Service Assistant, Anne Jungerman. We’re told again and again to find balance: between work and play, activity and rest, ourselves and others. But there is no balance between justice and injustice. Our community supports justice-making with our efforts and our resources. On this Sunday, hear how our contributions make a stronger community that makes justice in our world.


March 18

9:30am: Leader: Jim Craig

Thinking about Religion: “Religion and Politics”  Guest speaker:  Dorothy Northey, who will explain the sanctuary movement in general and specifically the actions taken by the First United Methodist Church of Napa.


11:00am: “The Big Question” Traditional service with Rev. David Usher and Sunday Service Assistant, Anne Jungerman. Do you believe in God? What is your answer when someone asks you that? Yes, or no? The conversation about that question seems to suggest that we should put those who do believe on one side of the room and those who don’t on the other, and let them argue, criticize, or feel superior for their beliefs. Is it really that simplistic? And what on earth does the question mean anyway? Which God are we talking about, and what does it mean to believe (or not) in that God? Would it not be better to reframe the question?


March 25

9:30am: Leader: Cindy Guentert

​Black Panther & A Wrinkle In Time: Why Representation Matters:

Hollywood has traditionally been a white male club – from who gets to make a movie to who the movie stars are, to who is nominated and wins awards. We will be talking about two movies that have pushed forward in different ways for people of color, and how they have been received, both positively and negatively.


11:00am: “Into the Water” Traditional Service with Rev. Christian Schmidt and Sunday Service Assistant, Rainer Hoenicke. “Into the Water” Take a journey to Japan and back with Rev. Christian, learning about culture, religion, and what it means to be faithful to yourself.