Social Justice

In the Fall of 2015, our Social Justice Leadership team led our congregation through a discernment process to help us choose a single focus for our work. After three workshops with Evan Junker from the UUJMCA, we chose Economic Inequality as our focus issue.

Evan introduced us to a different approach to justice-making than we were accustomed to. Martin Luther King Jr. promoted the idea of working toward creating “Beloved Community” rather than simply “helping” people we judged to be less fortunate than ourselves. Evan taught us that the “helping” approach is important, but more is required.

Bringing about meaningful social change, creating a “Beloved Community”, calls us to enter into partnerships with like minded groups. These partnerships, in turn, allow us to engage more fully with the five pillars of justice work: Service, Education, Witness, Advocacy, and Community organizing.

Current Activities

  • Starting in the Fall of 2016, we plan to offer workshops examining issues of class in our culture and in our congregation.
  • We are in the process of joining with Common Ground, the Napa/Solano chapter of the Industrial Areas Organizing Foundation, to help us learn to more effectively Witness, Advocate and Community organize.
  • We continue to help cook and serve a meal at The Table in downtown Napa once a month in partnership with Covenant Presbyterian Church.
  • We continue to collect a “Share the Plate” offering every fourth Sunday for organizations supporting our values and mission. All undesignated donations on these Sundays are given to the organization of the month.
  • We are planning another film series to continue educating ourselves and our community on economic justice issues.
  • In keeping with our religious education values and goals, we are continuing to engage our children in social justice work both in the classroom and beyond.

Interested in getting involved in our Social Justice Work?

  • Come to a Social Justice Committee meeting, often on the first Sunday of the month, check the calendar for details.
  • eMail Maggie Ingalls  or call her at 707-747-5205.

Rev. Bonnie at the Napa Women’s March. Jan 2017.

Photo by Suzanne Becker Bronk