Rental Info

NVUU is conveniently located in beautiful Napa, California, with easy access from Highway 29.

Depending on your needs and our availability, you can rent the whole building or just 1 or 2 rooms.

Contact our Administrator or call us at (707) 226-9220 for rates and availability or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Ample parking is available adjoining the building and along Salvador.

NVUU does not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation, race, gender, political association or sexual orientation.

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The Sanctuary includes a piano, sound system, stage/ podium, as well as a recently updated kitchen and coffee / dining area. These rooms can accommodate up to 100 people.



The Starr King room comes with a large conference table, chairs and a white board. It’s set up for meetings of up to 15 people.



The Clara Barton room has a craft ready table and chairs as well as a piano. We use it for our elementary kids, and it holds up to 10 people.



The Joseph Jordan room is set up as a nursery / child care room and can accommodate up to 8 kids.