Religious Education

Religious Education (RE or Sunday School), along with Sunday services, is fundamental to our faith as Unitarian Universalists. We currently offer religious education and child care programs for infants through middle schoolers.

NVUU children and youth are encouraged…
   to seek their own truths,
   to clarify their values,
   to live lives of meaning inspired by those values.


Throughout our Religious Education program, we help children celebrate our shared humanity, while honoring our differences – e.g., diversity of opinions, race and ethnicity, religious background, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We strive to foster delight in the mysteries and miracles of the world and to cultivate each child’s religious growth by encouraging a deeper understanding of our faith.

To explore our curriculum, visit the Tapestry of Faith website.

One of many songs sung in our classrooms:
“Each person is important.
Be kind in all you do.
We’re free to learn together,
and search for what is true.
Each person needs a voice.
Give everyone a vote.
Build a fair and peaceful world.
Take care of earth’s life boat. Hey!”

Children and Youth We want our children and youth to grow into adults who are thoughtful, compassionate, and socially conscious. Our Religious Education program covers a wide variety of topics, such as ethical living, Unitarian Universalist principles and heritage, religions of the world, humanist teachings, honoring the earth, and expressive arts. Children and youth begin each Sunday in our 11:00 AM worship service, and leave at approximately 11:15 AM for class. There is a lead teacher and an adult assistant in each class.

Infants and Toddlers On Sunday’s, we provide nursery care for infants and toddlers under four. Alternatively, parents are welcome to keep their infants and toddlers in service with them, if that suits the needs of their little ones better. Nursery care is available throughout the week during church-related events, and it’s best to call and confirm.

Summer Program in Religious Education During July and August, we offer a modified program where children and middle schoolers meet together with the lead teacher and the adult assistant for discussion, crafts, expressive play and games.  Infant and toddler care is available.  Additionally, there are a variety of summer camps for families, children and youth of different ages:
Family Camp
Middle School Camp
Teen Camp (Western Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth)

For the past few years, we’ve also offered a Summer Camping Trip.

To learn more about  Unitarian Universalist  religious education, check out our denominational site dedicated to our education programs, including Our Whole Lives, a comprehensive sexual education program encompassing the values of self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, justice and inclusiveness.

For more information about our education programs,  call (707) 226-9220.