Giving FAQ’s

About Giving to NVUU

Should I pledge? Why not just donate to our collection plate?

Making an annual “Contribution of Record” is required for membership at NVUU. Letting us know how much you plan to give over a year (July 1 to June 30) allows the finance committee to put together a budget. Our budget is presented, discussed and approved at the annual June Congregational Meeting.

How much should I pledge?

The amount of your pledge is entirely up to you; we hope it is an amount you feel good about. NVUU members pledge anywhere from $0, in cases of severe financial hardship, to over $8,000 annually. Our average pledge is around $150 per month, or $1,800 per year.

How should I pay my pledge?

It is up to you! Some folks pay in advance, many pay monthly, some pay quarterly, and a few pay in one big check before the end of the tax or fiscal year. If possible, it is most helpful for cash flow purposes if you pay at regular intervals.

What happens if I can’t pay my pledge?

Your pledge is a non-binding agreement. We understand that life happens despite our best intentions. If you find you need to reduce your pledge, please let the minister know.

If I’m unable to pay anything this year, but wish maintain my membership. What should I do?

Contact your minister to discuss a pledge waiver due to severe financial hardship.

Who gets to know how much I pledge each year?

Your pledge amount is confidential. The treasurer is the only one who knows what it is. The minister may ask the treasurer for this information, but only if the treasurer brings up a concern about a member who has not paid a pledge. The minister may want to know, as there may be a pastoral issue.